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Group net metering (GNM) webinar, GNM in the news, and our new GNM FAQ.


The NH Public Utilities Commission just released their annual RFP for Renewable Energy Projects. $2-$3 million is available, and all proposals are due by September 19th.  

We've launched the NH CleanTech Council. Visit our new site, watch us on WMUR, and read our press: Let's Encourage Cleantech Business Growth in NH.  

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New Energy for New Hampshire: A call to action

New Hampshire has a unique opportunity to shift away from uncertain, dirty, and imported energy—right now. Instead, we can emphasize efficiency and locally produced clean and renewable energy that increases local decision-making and wealth. Isn’t it time we took control over our energy choices, keeping billions of dollars in our state economy, and gaining greater authority over energy costs for homes and businesses? With a sound sustainable energy policy we can keep our local economies healthy, and minimize environmental risk.

Energy is critical to every facet of our lives; from heating and lighting our homes, to transportation, to powering our businesses. Whether one is concerned about hundreds of millions of dollars leaving the state each year to buy imported oil and other fossil fuels, massive new power lines crossing our most precious natural landscapes, a changing world climate, or missed economic opportunities in homegrown solar, biomass and other renewable energy, New Hampshire needs an energy policy and practices that look to the future and keep our state competitive.

New Hampshire is not prepared for the energy changes that already are happening. Our state must take comprehensive action now to transition to a new energy system that is more local, reliable, less harmful, and cost-effective.

We are calling upon all concerned New Hampshire citizens, businesses, civic organizations, and state and local officials to join together to advance New Energy for New Hampshire, a Call to Action to craft a bold and visionary State Energy Plan. Consider these facts:

  • We send nearly $1 billion annually out of the NH economy to buy fossil heating fuels;
  • New Hampshire imports virtually all its primary energy resources and exports the billions of dollars to pay for it;
  • We are falling behind the rest of New England in enabling local energy efficiency and clean alternatives;
  • Exciting new technologies can create, save, and distribute energy with more local profit and less environmental harm – if we implement them;
  • We can generate much more of our energy from clean, local sources;
  • This will benefit our economy, our environment, and our communities;
  • New Energy for New Hampshire is a win-win-win.

 With bold and immediate action, New Hampshire citizens, business leaders, policymakers, and energy stakeholders can guide this transition in a way that strengthens our state’s economy, protects public health, and conserves natural resources.  Or, we can abdicate decision-making, with profound consequences that will continue to cost us dearly and constrain us for decades. The choice is ours – we value local decision-making in New Hampshire, shouldn’t that apply to where we get our energy and how we use it?

The Time for Action is Now

A new state law is setting in motion the development of a ten-year energy strategy for New Hampshire. This energy strategy can be the blueprint to guide this transition…if we band together to call for a new approach to energy in New Hampshire, and demand that this plan be founded in these guiding principles:

Valuable.  Keeping local dollars local.  Our energy choices must emphasize local sources and local circulation of energy dollars to produce the greatest stability, predictability, and security for our citizens and our communities.  Our energy choices should contribute to sustainable economic growth and community development.

Smart.  Informed consumer empowerment. Our energy future must be built on the best and most efficient technology, by people who make decisions based on full knowledge of the true costs and benefits of their options.  This will include a close collaboration between suppliers and consumers.

Clean. Clean, distributed resources. Our energy future must be based on low-carbon, maximum efficiency and local energy choices whose production results in the least life-cycle impact to public health, our natural resources, and our climate.

Our Action Plan

  • Influence the state energy plan to ensure it reflects a forward-looking, dynamic, implementable plan that adheres to our New Energy Principles
  • Invite and enable financing mechanisms that look beyond volatile state funding to the deployment and expansion of private investment in new clean energy for NH.
  • Maximize all efficiency opportunities in the public and private sectors.
  • Lead by example; highlight successes strategically and rapidly.

Sign on to this growing coalition to demand and ensure a smart, clean, and valuable energy future and energy strategy for New Hampshire; just email us your name, affiliation (if applicable), and town to!




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